Óscar Martín

With a network of Artist Centres and Ateliers around the world, Yamaha works with leading players to support their performances and develop instrument designs and new ideas for the benefit of all musicians. Yamaha Artists share with us a passion for inspiring the next generation of players, and a belief that everybody should be encouraged to nurture their talent, connect with others and tell their stories through music.

Get to know Yamaha Artist and Trumpet Player Óscar Martín

How does your instrument help you in your daily life as an artist?

Yamaha makes some fantastic instruments, making it possible for me to carry out my work in the best conditions, thanks to the ease, sound and response that the instrument gives you.

How would you characterise your instrument?

Above all the quality of the sound, the balance in the register and something I value positively is the quality of the mechanism, which is very important to me as it gives me a lot of peace of mind.

When did your relationship with Yamaha begin?

It started in 2016 in Hamburg, thanks to an invitation from Yamaha Spain on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Xeno series.

Who was the most influential musician and is there any advice which you still follow?

The musicians who have always inspired me are Häkan Hardenberger and Ibrahim Maalouf. But musicians like Omar Tomasoni, Jeroen Berwaerts, are trumpet players that I keep very present in my daily study, remembering fantastic advice they gave me.

Advice for a young musician:

Constancy and a lot of patience. Above all, listen to good teachers, seek to study the instrument more and more effectively and always enjoy this beautiful profession to the full.