Axoum Duo

Axoum Duo

French percussionist and composer Gabriel Collet and Polish percussionist Elwira Ślązak have formed an eclectic and complementary duo since the year 2000 . Gabriel Collet composes symphonic music and film soundtracks as well as a wide repertoire for the duo, and is also an active concert artist. Elwira Ślązak is a soloist, juror of international competitions and records music for various visual forms (film, radio plays, audio books).

Barnaby Robson

Principal Clarinet ENO. Clarinet Professor RCM

Benedikt Brynleifsson

Einer der meistbeschäftigten Schlagzeuger Islands und seit mehr als 25 Jahren im Geschäft.

Bernard Maseli

Musician, Producer, Composer, Educator