Victoria Smith


“Versatility” is the first thing that comes to mind when reading the vita of drummer Victoria Smith.

Influenced by Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa, Victoria´s first gigs in her teens would be a jazzy big band style. Victoria remembers “everyone would be at Reading festival and I’d be at the Glenn Miller Festival”.

Now, few years later, she finds herself gathering experience with international artists from a variety of musical genres. With her big band background, Victoria sees her musical venture into the indie rock world with acts such Jamie T and Miles Kane as an opportunity to build up her strength and expand her repertoire playing more solid grooves.

When laying the groove for British artist M.I.A, Victoria got to incorporate Brazilian beats and African rhythms, playing more behind the beat. Currently Victoria is part of electronic superstars Soulwax, bringing her energy and live feel to the electronic music. With the variety of sounds and styles to cover, Victoria’s kit of choice is the Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak. With its powerful, punchy tone and innovations adapted from our Hybrid Maple series, the newest generation of oak shells deliver the versatility and powerful tone needed in any music.

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Live Custom Hybrid Oak

Yamaha erweitert die dynamische Bandbreite seiner neuen Live Custom Kits mit einem deutlichen Mehr an Attack und Projektion. Neuartige Hybridkessel bestehend aus einem siebenlagigen Eiche-/Phenol-Mix sorgen zusammen mit den montierten Bass Enhancement Weights besonders im Rahmen von Live-Setups für eine optimierte Energieübertragung und Artikulation. Die neue optisch ansprechende Oberflächenveredelung basiert auf dem japanischen UZUKURI-Verfahren, welches die natürliche Maserung und Schönheit der Eiche auf besondere Weise betont.

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