Yamaha Music Schools

Quality in music education and learning are central to Yamaha’s philosophy and company culture. Yamaha’s mission of enrichment through music is at the core of this thinking and the company has become widely respected as a leading provider of innovative, highly effective music learning courses. At the heart is the world-wide network of Yamaha Music Schools.

Yamaha music teaching methods are regarded by many leading music academics as being of exceptional quality. Started in Japan in 1954, the Yamaha system of timely education and group lessons, combined with highly-trained inspirational and inspired teachers has helped to introduce millions of people of all ages to becoming actively involved in music. Over 9.5 million people have graduated through Yamaha’s respected Grade Examination system and, in Europe, Yamaha Music Schools provide high quality music education to more than 50,000 people via a network of 1800 teachers. Globally, there are now over 700,000 students learning with Yamaha.

A unique combination of key factors ensures the popularity of Yamaha Music Schools amongst students, parents and teaching staff. The teaching methods are founded upon a concept inspiring creative potential and musical exploration alongside formal music tuition. Our concept of timely education aims to help young children learn music in the same way as they learn their mother tongue. This philosophy combines with our highly effective methods within a group lesson setting. The group culture and dynamic allow students to learn together whilst also receiving individual support. This culminates in much more creative ensemble playing and engenders a feeling of fun and entertainment amongst students. Central to this culture of learning is the provision of a sound knowledge of musical theory. In many towns and cities throughout the world our network of Yamaha Music Schools makes a valuable contribution to cultural and musical life.