Take control of your performance

For the modern euphonium player, control is key to performing at the highest level. You need to be react quickly in response to others in the band and to do this, you need an instrument that gives you the ability to adjust quickly within the living environment of a performance.

Over the years, euphonium design has come a long way. The research and development that has taken place has ensured that modern instruments have evolved to meet the needs of all players. What’s important in this process is to make sure that new developments add something to the instrument and are not just applied without consideration for the overall effect on the instrument’s sound, and of course the beauty of the instrument itself.

Before adding the trigger to the Neo and Custom euphoniums we had to consider carefully how this would be achieved. As with all instrument developments, we ultimately had to end up with an instrument that brought something different to the range. Even the smallest addition to an instrument can affect the sound so adding a trigger system was bound to affect it in one way or another.

The Neo and Custom euphoniums already had a great reputation globally however, due to the request from a number of players of all levels it was decided to investigate a trigger system.

Over time a number of different prototypes were developed, each offering different solutions. After testing with some of the world’s top euphonium players and after discussions within the global R&D team, the trigger system that is now available on Neo and Custom euphoniums was born.

Designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, the Yamaha trigger system gives players even more control of their playing which alleviates some of the stresses associated with having to lip-up or lip-down notes. It also gives players another sound palette to choose from within the euphonium range with the additional weight of the trigger system giving it a very dark and very rich sound, perfect for both band and solo situations.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. The key is to find an instrument that works for you and your sound concept. The Yamaha Neo and Custom ranges offer wide variety of options and it is essential that you try them all to get a good idea of what’s best for you.

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