Yamaha AV highlights at IFA 2019: MusicCast, high-end hifi, sound bars and more

The whole world of MusicCast, epic movie sound with cutting-edge sound bars and high-end hifi in a class of its own: Yamaha will present the entire spectrum of its impressive catalogue of audio products at this year’s IFA in Berlin. At the heart of the spectacular trade show presence is the Yamaha MusicCast multiroom system that offers comprehensive possibilities for playing back your favourite music with its numerous supported devices. Trade show visitors can also expect multiple sound bar presentations including the new models YAS-109 and YAS-209, both compatible with Amazon Alexa, and the powerful sound projector YSP-2700. The finest in high-end sound can be experienced in a separate listening room where the Yamaha series 5000 is presented.

The contents of this press release:

 Yamaha AV highlights at IFA 2019

 The whole world of Yamaha MusicCast at IFA 2019

 Sound bar highlights for epic movie and gaming soundtracks

 No-compromise high end: Yamaha 5000 series

 Experience Yamaha at IFA 2019

The whole world of Yamaha MusicCast at IFA 2019

From compact wireless speakers to elaborate home cinema setups to network-attached grand pianos: Yamaha offers limitless possibilities for distributing one’s favourite music throughout the house. With a comprehensive display of the MusicCast portfolio at this year’s IFA, Yamaha proves its pioneering role in this field. Visitors can experience a number of different MusicCast applications at the booth – trying the products is expressly encouraged! Some of the MusicCast highlights include the high-quality compact systems of the Yamaha Pianocraft series and the multifunctional, powerful AV receivers from the RX-V and RX-A ranges. The booth will also feature the network-enabled record player MusicCast Vinyl 500. Fans of home cinema and gaming will particularly appreciate the Yamaha sound bars.

Sound bar highlights for epic movie and gaming soundtracks

Yamaha has always a pioneer in the field of sophisticated home entertainment, from music to movies. In addition to the award-winning AV receivers, the Japanese company provides a large selection of sound bars to harness the impressive Yamaha sound in a more compact, living-room friendly format. Movie enthusiasts will be able to experience an exclusive presentation of sound projector YSP-2700 and sound bar MusicCast Bar 40 in combination with wireless subwoofer MusicCast Sub 100 and two MusicCast 20 as wirelessly connected surround speakers. Another station features the new sound bars YAS-109 and YAS-209 with Amazon Alexa integration to showcase their capabilities for exciting gaming sound – a gaming console is connected to the sound bars and invites visitors to play.

No-compromise high end: Yamaha 5000 series

Select parts and a heavy housing meet timeless design and seemingly endless power: the combination of pre-amplifier C-5000 and power-amplifier M-5000 brings no-compromise hifi enjoyment in a class of its own. The toroidal transformers ensure optimal power supply while suppressing magnetic fields. Combined with the solid, low-vibration housing, they reduce interference to a minimum for impressive hifi sound without compromise. The 5000 series showcases the accumulated know-how of the Yamaha engineers in developing high-quality hifi electronics. Yamaha presents the 5000 series high-end hifi components at this year’s IFA in a separate, acoustically optimised listening room. It also features the exclusive record player GT-5000 and the unique NS-5000 speakers.

Experience Yamaha at IFA 2019

Visitors of IFA 2019 can experience the impressive presentation of Yamaha from 6th to 11th September on the trade show grounds in Berlin. Yamaha is present at the show in hall 1.2 at booth 101. Not only IFA visitors can enjoy this outstanding sound experience: apart from its IFA presence, Yamaha will also welcome everyone interested in experiencing the captivating Yamaha sound in its own “Feel True Sound” pop-up tent. The exact location and more information on the “Feel True Sound” pop-up tent and the IFA booth will shortly be available from the Yamaha IFA landing page: https://europe.yamaha.com/en/news_events/2019/ifa.html

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