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Neue Funktionen für ADECIA-Lösungen und Mikrofone der RM-Serie mit Firmware 2.0

ADECIA Ceiling Solution und Tabletop Solution sind jetzt mit der neuesten Firmware, V2.0.0, erhältlich. Diese Firmware enthält eine Preset Store/Recall-Funktion für den RM-CR, eine angepasste Beam-Tracking-Funktion für den RM-CG, einen Ausgangs-Router für das Dante-Ausgangssignal von RM-CG und RM-TT und einen Low-Latency-Modus für RM-WOM/WDR-Mikrofone. Außerdem unterstützt die Firmware jetzt bis zu 14 RM-CG-Mikrofone, die an eine RM-CR angeschlossen sind.

Yamaha Audio System Chosen For Moment Factory’s Enchanted Night Walk In Shanghai

Moment Factory’s Oriens Lumina is the company’s 16th enchanted night walk experience and its first in China. Like the previous Foresta Lumina, Alta Lumina and Kamuy Lumina night walks in Canada, France and Japan respectively, it relies on a large Yamaha audio inventory.

TOOLS for NUAGE V2.2.0 Released

This update includes Nuendo 12 support (Win) and bug fixes.

Dante Accelerator Firmware V4.0.2 Released

This update supports 32-bit and 16-bit sampling bit depths.

Yamaha L3 Switch SWX3220 / L2 Switch SWX2320

SWX3220, SWX2320 New Firmware Released

This update adds several new features including SDVoE optimization, bug fixes, and some terminology changes.

SWR2310, SWR2311P-10G, SWP2 New Firmware Released

This update adds several new features, fixes bugs, and includes some terminology changes.

Yamaha LAN Monitor V1.8.6 Released

This update adds several new features and fixes bugs, including terminology changes.

Music Production Guide 2023 | 02

Ab sofort steht die aktuelle Ausgabe des Music Production Guide zum Download bereit.

Yamaha Corporation Launches International Women's Day Campaign Focusing on Music Education

Yamaha Corporation actively endorses the vision of the Unstereotype Alliance led by UN Women, based on Yamaha's idea of contributing to the accomplishment of SDGs throughout its business. Yamaha has been a member of the Japan National Chapter since December 2020.

CISSCA V3.1 Released

This update adds the speaker data of VXC2F, VXC8S, and VC Series speakers. Please read full details on the download page.