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Ab sofort steht die aktuelle Ausgabe des Music Production Guide zum Download bereit.


Ab sofort steht die aktuelle Ausgabe des Music Production Guide zum Download bereit.

RIVAGE PM7 Is Opera Wrocławska’s New Star Performer

Streamed performances have become a routine way of taking the performing arts to audiences on a scale that nobody could have anticipated just 18 months ago. After difficulties with the technical sound production of Opera Wrocławska’s first streamed production, a Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 digital mixing system has changed everything for its audio department.

Yamaha DTX10 und DTX8 verbinden echtes Drum-Feeling mit erstklassigem Studio-Sound

Mit den brandneuen E-Drum-Serien DTX10 und DTX8 verfeinert Yamaha die originalgetreue elektronische Reproduktion von Klang und Spielgefühl eines echten akustischen Schlagzeugs.

Advantage of the ADECIA multi-beam tracking function

ADECIA does not require changing settings even if the layout is changed.

Why Yamaha ADECIA solution can solve the challenges IT decision-makers face when integrating audio systems into an organization's communications environment.

Independent analyst's positive assessment of the Yamaha ADECIA solution, a complete and intelligent microphone and line array speaker system designed to remove all barriers for equipping conference rooms and classrooms with professional audio quality.

RIVAGE PM Firmware V5.01, RIVAGE PM Editor V5.0.1 Released.

Fixed some problems.

Yamaha baut Barco-Partnerschaft mit ADECIA-Zertifizierung weiter aus

Yamahas intelligente und einfach zu installierende ADECIA-Konferenzlösung ist für die nahtlose Integration mit Barco Clickshare Conference zertifiziert

Yamaha RIVAGE PM Consoles Mix Audi Q4 e-tron Digital World Premiere

Recently Audi revealed its new all-electric Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron vehicles in what the company called a ‘digital world premiere’. It was a complex production, with a total of 45 live streams, each one in three languages, routed to media in 28 different countries. The audio mixing for this high profile launch was entrusted to Yamaha RIVAGE PM digital mixing systems.

The Sound of Bondi | Green Blooms With Yamaha

Bondi | Green is the new flagship restaurant of the Daisy | Green collection, which has brought relaxed Australian food and drink to a range of London locations. Situated on the ground floor of the Brunel Building - a recent major office development next to Paddington station - a Yamaha audio system delivers powerful but refined sound.