Turning Concepts Into Sound

With the vast and varied demands placed on audio post production equipment, even the smallest details have a notable influence on efficiency and output quality. Yamaha audio post production products offer meticulously refined performance and operability throughout, based on extensive feedback from eminent engineers in the field, plus the skill and experience of Yamaha designers and engineers who are dedicated to delivering nothing but the best.

Yamaha offers a range of powerful tools for enhanced post productivity, including the Nuage Advanced Production System that integrates Yamaha digital mixer and Steinberg DAW technology, high-resolution head amplifiers, VCM effects, acclaimed DM/0 series digital mixing consoles with advanced monitoring capabilities, and the MSP STUDIO and HS series reference monitor speakers. All of the above offer intuitive operation and unrivaled sonic quality that can help to crystallize concepts into superior sound.

Ergebnisse durch Synergie – Die Geschichte von Yamaha & Steinberg

Seit der Veröffentlichung des PM1000 Mischpults im Jahr 1975 ist Yamaha eines der führenden Unternehmen der Pro-Audio-Industrie. Produkte wie die NS10-M Studiomonitore, das 02R Digitalmischpult und der SPC90 Effektprozessor haben sich in renommierten Studios rund um die Welt etabliert und sind inzwischen als Klassiker bekannt.

DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) haben sich zwischen Mitte der 90er und der Jahrhundertwende als primäre Arbeitsumgebung für die Audio-Produktion durchgesetzt. Im Januar 2005 wurde Steinberg Media Technologies (kurz Steinberg), ein Unternehmen, das in diesem Bereich zahlreiche technische Fortschritte und Lösungsansätze hervorgebracht hat, zu einer Tochterfirma von Yamaha. Dieser wegweisende Firmenzusammenschluss erlaubte fortan eine konzertierte Entwicklung von integrierten Produkten und Systemen. Nach der Gründung im Jahre 1984 wurde Steinberg rasch zu einem Vorreiter bei wichtigen Audio-Standards wie unter anderem ASIO (Audio Stream In and Out) und VST (Virtual Studio Technology). Diese zukunftsweisenden Technologien kamen bei verschiedenen revolutionären Produkten zum Einsatz, darunter auch Cubase und Nuendo DAW, die momentan die erste Wahl für mehr als 1,5 Millionen Anwender weltweit sind. Weitere Informationen zu Steinberg finden Sie hier.

Durch die gemeinsame Entwicklungsarbeit von Yamaha und Steinberg sind eine Vielzahl an Audio-Interfaces und Controllern entstanden, die das Potential der leistungsfähigen Steinberg DAW-Software voll ausschöpfen. Die Synergie zwischen diesen beiden führenden Unternehmen in der Audio-Branche wird auch weiterhin wegweisende Lösungen für zukünftige Anwendungen in diesem Feld hervorbringen.

Recommended Products


The MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System offers all essential audio processing functionality for DAW-based production environments in one streamlined, versatile, great-sounding, space-saving unit that provides efficient overall system management at surprisingly low cost.


Nuage Integrated Audio Production System brings it all together in a collaboration that defines new standards of quality and workflow efficiency for virtually every aspect of the production process. Yamaha control and interface hardware seamlessly integrates with Steinberg Nuendo DAW software in a purpose-built system that offers unprecedented productivity and flexibility as well as premium audio quality.


The world's first THX pm3 certified digital mixer, the DM2000VCM embodies Yamaha's dedication to providing the best in surround production. It boasts 96 inputs and 22 mixing buses, and now comes with VCM and other plug-in effects as standard.


Offering the mixing functionality of the DM2000 in a compact, rack-mountable body, the DM1000VCM digital mixer provides robust support for the production, broadcast, and live-sound, and now comes with VCM and other plug-in effects as standard.


The successor to the 02R, the de facto standard for production consoles, now comes with VCM and other plug-in effects as standard.


Building on the proven configuration of its predecessors, the new 01V96i now offers USB 2.0 connectivity along with new multi-track recording features and improved sonic quality.

Mini-YGDAI Cards

MY (Mini-YGDAI) series expansion cards for use in the option I/O slots of digital mixers and DME. 3rd-party cards also available.


The Dante Accelerator audio interface card can be installed in a computer to provide extra low-latency multi-channel audio data transfer capacity that can be an advantage when communicating with Dante devices.

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R Series (AD/DA)

R Series I/O racks employ Dante network audio protocol for exceptional flexibility and freedom in setup and placement, while delivering natural, musical sound that brings out the full sonic potential of mixing consoles and other system components.

R Series (MADI)

The RMio64-D Dante/MADI conversion I/O rack is here. It supports a wide range of broadcast and live sound applications with extraordinary flexibility, and without getting in the way.

R Series (SLOT)

The RSio64-D is an audio interface that can convert between Dante and Mini-YGDAI formats for up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs


This remotely controllable 8-channel microphone preamp and 24-bit/96-kHz AD converter employs microphone preamp technology inherited from the PM5000.

NUAGE I/O(16D/16A/8A8D)

Three high-performance audio I/O units deliver exceptional sonic precision and quality.


The pinnacle of Yamaha's acclaimed SPX multi-effect processor range includes the unmatched Rev-X reverb algorithm and a "Classic Bank" with recreations of valued classic effects.


The choice of top recording and production engineers who demand unmatched accuracy and resolution that reveals critical sonic details. An unbeatable choice for production environments handling any combination of digital and analog sources in stereo or surround formats.

HS Series

Powered nearfield monitor speakers built on the success of its legendary predeccesors that have become a genuine industry standard for their accuracy.


An ideal powered monitor for small private studios, with a versatile selection of inputs.


High-end high-resolution monitor headphones that reproduce even the most subtle nuances of the source sound. In addition to mixing and recording in the studio, the HPH-MT7 headphones are perfect for mix monitoring in live performance applications thanks to their high sound pressure levels and durability.


Ultra high-resolution monitor headphones that deliver accurate response across all frequencies. Ideal for recording and monitoring during mixing and mastering at studios.


High-grade monitor headphones that deliver a balanced sound faithful to the source. Perfect for in the studio, music production at home, or for personal listening.

Die angezeigten Farben und Ausführungen können von den tatsächlichen Produkten abweichen.