AuviTran EtherSound Firmware

  • Yamaha EtherSound products have a built-in EtherSound module, and its firmware needs to be updated accordingly. The firmware for the EtherSound module can be updated from a computer connected to the EtherSound port.
  • If an update fails, verify your cable connections and retry another update immediately without powering off the EtherSound device. Device may not work properly when the power is turned off before retrying.
  • Please visit AuviTran's website to download the latest version which includes Yamaha Firmware Version 0C18.

Applicable model: M7CL-48ES

  • M7CL-48ES now supports AuviTran Network ASIO Streamer function.

Applicable model: SB168-ES

  • Fixed a problem in which one audio channel was fairly infrequently muted in the EtherSound system including SB168-ES when the system is turned on.

Applicable models: M7CL-48ES, SB168-ES, MY16-ES64, NAI48-ES, DME Satellite ES

  • Reduces the possibility of audio signal feedback loop occurring in a EtherSound network. 
    Inherent to the EtherSound specification, there is a possibility that an audio signal feedback may occur in specific conditions. In Daisy-chain mode, (this is prevented by Ring Mode patching algorithms) it is possible to patch console outputs to an EtherSound channel that is in turn looped back by EtherSound to the console inputs. Deliberate patching of this kind cannot be prevented and the user should take care. 

    However this feedback loop can occur unexpectedly depending on the EtherSound patch, and the console settings, under the following additional specific conditions: 
    EtherSound device loses its correct destination device by disconnecting a LAN cable or turning off the destination device etc, and loopback device changes in Daisy-chain mode. (This feedback loop does not occur in Ring mode.) 
    This firmware version 0C18 can automatically avoid the audio signal loop happening unexpectedly under either of the following conditions: 
    1) EtherSound channel patch is set by Auto Configure function on M7CL-48ES 
    2) EtherSound channel patch is set by Quick Setup function on AVS-ESMonitor.