CSR Series Snare Drums

Brass Shell

Brass shells deliver well-balanced tone that is rich, expansive, and bright. After the shells are sanded, a clear lacquer is applied to produce a beautiful finish that really stands out on stage.

Extra-deep Snare Bed

The snare bed (the part of the shell that contacts the snares) is 3.5 mm deep, improving contact with the snares and enhancing snare response, particularly at low volume.

* Snare Bed: A shallow snare bed tends to emphasize body resonance, while a deep snare bed produces snappier snare response.

Stainless Straight Snare Cables

Straight snare cables are an ideal match for the CSR1450 and CSR1465. Straight cables provide slighter greater bottom-head muting than coil cables, for snappier overall response that enables crisp phrasing. The inner-snare design makes handling easy.

Q-type Strainer

This Q-type strainer is easy to operate and provides sure ON/OFF action.

Tube Lugs

Tube lugs that have minimal contact with the shell are employed to maximize the shell’s resonance. These lugs also equalize tension on the top and bottom heads, distributing the load so that minimum stress is placed on the shell.