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Pickup Mute™ - SB7X, SB6X, SB5X, SB3X

The Pickup Mute combines a high-performance mute with an internal microphone to pickup sound. Significantly smaller and lighter than previous versions, the mute offers superior muting performance, delivers excellent intonation over a wide pitch range, and natural playability. A new compact design now lets you put your instrument in its case with the mute in the bell.

* Please note that the Pickup Mute may not fit some instruments with significantly different bell shapes or bell diameters. Please check before purchasing.

Pickup Mute™ - SB2X, SB1X

Der Pickup Mute™ ist ein Tonabnehmerdämpfer auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik mit integriertem Mikrofon.

Lightweight and Compact

The new SILENT Brass Pickup Mute is designed to be significantly smaller and lighter than previous models to improve the balance when playing, yet it offers approximately the same muting efficiency along with stable pitch over a wide range and unrestricted breath flow.

Adjustable Pitch and Playing Feel

An adjustable rod allows the position of the mute head to be raised or lowered inside the bell while playing. This gives you the ability to customize the feel and the pitch to find the perfect fit for your own instrument and playing style. In addition, this allows the mute to be adjusted for a wide range of bell sizes.

Disassemble to Compact Size

The disassembled mute body halves can be stacked for compact storage.

* Do not stand the instrument on its bell when the mute is installed.

Brass Resonance Modeling™

Die einzigartige Brass Resonance Modeling™ Technologie bringt das Spielen mit Dämpfer auf eine ganz neue Ebene, sie gibt dem Spieler ein authentisches und natürliches Spielgefühl. Der Klang wird über das Mikrofon im Dämpfer aufgenommen, per Brass Resonance Modeling™ in den Klang verwandelt, wie er normalerweise ohne Dämpfer aus dem Schallbecher kommt und per Kopfhörer zum Spieler übertragen, als wenn ohne Dämpfer gespielt würde.

External Device Input for Enjoyable, Effective Practice

By connecting to portable audio players or smart phones with audio playback capability, you can play along with your favorite tunes or practice with popular "minus-one" backing tracks.

* Stereo mini-to-mini cable sold separately.