VXS Series "S model"

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Data Sheet (CISSCA) [613KB]
Data Sheet (VXS Series "S model") [879KB]
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General Speaker Data / CLF Data for VXS3S Speaker (V1.0) [40KB]
General Speaker Data / EASE and EASE Focus Data for VXS Series (V2.1) [2.1MB]
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BIM Data for Revit (VXS Series) [11.9MB]
CAD Data (VXS Series 3D) [579KB]
CAD Data (VXS Series global) [1.9MB]
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CISSCA V3.0 User's Manual [1.1MB]
How to Install VXS3S [69KB]
VXS10S/VXS10ST Satellite Guide [440KB]
VXS10S/VXS10SW/VXS10ST/VXS10STW Owner's Manual [2.9MB]
VXS10S/VXS10SW/VXS10ST/VXS10STW Owner's Manual [758KB] [2.9MB]
VXS3S Satellite Guide [172KB]
VXS3SB/VXS3SW/CMA3SB/CMA3SW Owner's Manual [4.9MB]
VXS3SB/VXS3SW/CMA3SB/CMA3SW Owner's Manual [4.9MB] [4.9MB]
Y-S3 Speaker System Design Guide [337KB]
Y-S3 V3.1 Compatible models for Distributed Speakers [15KB]
Y-S3 V3.1 Manual [2.5MB]
Name OS Size Letzte Aktualisierung
CISSCA V3.00 for Win 10/8.1/8/7 Win 42.6MB 2019-06-10
Y-S³ V3.1.0 for Win 10/8.1/7 Win 314.5MB 2018-06-12
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DME Library Files for VXS Series Speakers [38KB]
Processor settings for VXS Series Speakers [90KB]
VXS/VXC Series Painting Guide (DE) [354KB]
VXS3S, CMA3S Dimensions (Global) [112KB]

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VXS Series "S model"

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