Yamaha CP88 Stage Piano und Sonogenic SHS-500 Keytar erwählt für den German Design Award 2021

Das CP88 Stage Piano und die Sonogenic SHS-500 Keytar von Yamaha wurden für eine ,,Besondere Erwähnung" beim international angesehenen German Design award 2021 ausgewählt.

New limited Yamaha Drums Steve Gadd Signature Snare YSS1455SG now available!

Yamaha is proud to announce the release of our new Steve Gadd Signature Snare Drum, commemorating a unique relationship of more than 40 years with renowned Artist Steve Gadd.

Yamaha stellt ADECIA vor:

intelligente Audio-Lösungen für flexible Zusammenarbeit und Konferenzen von heute und morgen

Start Small, Dream Big: What Makes Yamaha’s Education System Stand Out from the Rest?

What Makes Yamaha’s Education System Stand Out from the Rest? The importance of music to a child’s development is no secret to anyone. There is a multitude of research citing how learning an instrument enhances the following skills for a child.

Start Small, Dream Big: The Role of the Arts in Improving Health and Well Being

What is the point of the arts? Does a pretty picture or a lovely harmony have any purpose beyond the simple pleasure it brings to the eye or ear? Anyone who has ever lost themselves in the depths of a timeless work of art or cried at the simple beauty of a song can tell you that it does.