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Create your sound any place,any time.

For keyboardists, music creators and sound designers
– reface Mobile Mini Keyboards are reimagined interfaces of classic Yamaha keyboards.

Legendary sound,modern size

Intuitively control big sound in a small size with four unique synths based on legendary Yamaha keyboards.

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Find inspiration any place, any time with built-in speakers and battery power.


Social sound sharing: inspire and be inspired. Discover, connect and share reface voices.

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reface CSreface CS

reface CS

Analog synthesizer: Simple control, Colorful sounds, Massive dynamics.

The 8-note polyphonic Virtual Analog reface CS’ five unique oscillator modules create an incredible variety of sounds from analog to digital.

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reface DXreface DX

reface DX

FM synthesizer: Discover new / genuine FM.

reface DX goes retro 80s to cutting edge modern at the flick of a switch. Multi-touch controls let you access FM synthesis with your fingertips.

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reface CPreface CP

reface CP

Electric piano: A retro and superb package.

reface CP features iconic 70s stage keyboards and vintage effects in a retro-styled package with great sound, playability and polyphony.

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reface YCreface YC

reface YC

Electric combo organ: Fat and punchy additive synthesis.

reface YC has the unique expression of drawbars, rotary speaker, percussion and effects for a complete organ experience.

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Create your Soundmondo inspire and be inspired
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1. Connect reface
Simple USB connection

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2. Open Soundmondo
Cutting-edge Web MIDI technology connects reface directly to Google Chrome

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3. Share and browse
Share your inspiration or find new inspiration, free!

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